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  1. Makit Worx

    Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    Too funny! We passed those guys on Peter’s Mill Run over Labor Day weekend. I didn’t think some of them would make it through the mud pits; impressed they did (especially the Minivan).
  2. Makit Worx

    "Roxy" 2005 Toyota Sequoia Overland Rig Build Thread

    The Sequoia is a very capable off road rig and not uncommon for the engine to go well over 300K miles. Also love all the space for the family. Awesome drawer system!
  3. Makit Worx

    Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    Took the family to GWNF over Labor Day weekend and we ran Peter's Mill Run. About half way we passed a convoy of eight rigs that included a stock 1997 Town & Country?!?
  4. Makit Worx

    US East Northern Virginia meet up

    Won't be able to make the meet-up this weekend, but I'm up for the Peter's Mill Run on Saturday 19 October!
  5. Makit Worx

    Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    I’m interested in two of the 95L.
  6. Makit Worx

    Virginia OLB Members

    Another great video! They keep getting better and better.
  7. Makit Worx

    Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    Awesome! I’m in
  8. Makit Worx

    Virginia OLB Members

    Will definitely check it out!
  9. Makit Worx

    05 Toyota Sequoia "Wanda" (old thread) Complete build in link of my profile signature

    Great build! And love the metal fab work. Once I do some general maintenance and get the rest of the recovery gear I need, suspension and tires are next on my list. Ron
  10. Makit Worx

    Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    We were on Assategue Island last week and had an ocean side camp site. Winds were so bad we couldn’t keep the tent up. Sadly ended up in a hotel, but the drive on the beach more than made up for it.
  11. Makit Worx

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hey Everyone, New to Overlanding but not the outdoors. Finally sold my car and purchased my rig to do some Overlanding with my family. Lots of great information on this forum. Location: Alexandria, VA Rig: 2006 Toyota Sequoia 4WD Experience: Beginner -Ron