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  1. Leirbag

    US West Yosemite/Mariposa weekend getaway

    I checked in the park, thanks. No openings at all. I will need to stay outside somewhere but don’t know where yet. Anyone else in this group interested in staying an extra day or two and riding a bike there?
  2. Leirbag

    US West Yosemite/Mariposa weekend getaway

    I’m planning on bringing my mountain bike and heading back into the park on Sunday for some riding there. Anyone else interested in riding as well? Also, does someone have a recommendation on where to camp on Sunday night? Dispersed is preferred, but an established campground would be Ok as I’d...
  3. Leirbag

    US West Yosemite/Mariposa weekend getaway

    Thanks for the invite! Never been to Yosemite and I am looking forward to it. Do you guys know if there are mountain biking trails over there?
  4. Leirbag

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    That was indeed an awesome trip. Thank you again Dave for planning and organizing everything so well. I put together a short video of parts of the trip, for those that were there and want to relive it, or for those that sadly missed it!
  5. Leirbag

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    Fancy enough for me. Thank you, Dave!
  6. Leirbag

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    Yes, that’s right. Since we start at 8:30 I don’t want to be too far away so as to avoid waking up at a ridiculous early time... :)
  7. Leirbag

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    Hi guys! Super excited to meet you all and have fun on this trip. I am new to HAM and I am not licensed yet, but I am getting a radio for this anyway which is arriving on Tuesday. So, I’ll be a radio newbie... :smile: For those of you local to the meet up area, can you recommend a camping...
  8. Leirbag

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    Thank you, Dave. It seems the download GPX function is not available if you come in through the OB app. It is if you go in with a regular browser. But, it seems the file is blank (0 bytes)...
  9. Leirbag

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    This will be a beautiful trip. Thank you for organizing this, Dave! BTW, how do we download the GPX?
  10. Leirbag

    Galley and sleeping platform system

    Wanted to follow up on this story, as I finally got the Dometic CD-30 drawer fridge and installed it. It was a little challenging to install because I did not want to take the entire frame out of the trunk and install the fridge outside, and then put the whole thing back in there as I was by...
  11. Leirbag

    Colorado in October?

    It sounds like it's still feasible in mid-October. Anyone in Southern California interested in heading up to the Durango/Telluride/Silverton/Ouray area for a week or so?
  12. Leirbag

    OB Members Colorado

    Hi folks! I am thinking of visiting Colorado from Southern California in maybe a week or two. In particular, the area around Durango/Telluride/Ouray. Is that too late? Will it be crazy cold (as in to sleep inside the vehicle, but somewhere in the mountains)? How about snow? Will the trails be...
  13. Leirbag

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    @Spud.Built, I am looking for that same Dometic drawer fridge to put in a similar setup as yours. Good job on yours. One comment, though: the refrigerator needs to have space around it for ventilation, and you have it fairly tight in an enclosed area. It will possibly overheat (especially in the...
  14. Leirbag

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    Is meeting next Thursday happening?