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  1. keeflester

    Scotland / North England Monthly Camp / Meet

    Great idea. I’d be glad to help with training too. I have a preference for wild camping and can give details of a couple of great spots in West Scotland which I would be able to get to.
  2. keeflester

    Howdy from a New Overlander

    Hiya Jake, welcome on board. We’re vanning too now, the comfort of a permanent bed has won us away from demountable camping. Hope our trails will cross one day!
  3. keeflester

    Who else is in the UK

    Cool, ain’t it!
  4. keeflester

    Shout Out to Regional Members

    Brilliant. We’re mostly about wildcamping, but we do like to get a shower about once a week. I wouldn’t bother, but Kathy says it’s not nice to stink . I’m okay with spending a tenner or so if it gets a great view, somewhere to dump our trash bag, fill up water, etc. It’s nice to put the...
  5. keeflester

    Shout Out to Regional Members

    Hiya John, Kathy and myself are hoping to get across the water some time in the next few months. We have a notion to travel some of the wild Atlantic Way, unless you know something better! Would be great to meet another enthusiast for a cuppa tea, or a beer or two!
  6. keeflester

    Lets see some trail photos!

    A little bimble around West Scotland with my pal Dug.
  7. keeflester

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    I drive a stock transit van, AWD, converted it myself with comfy bed, decent fridge and a two ring and grill gas cooker. It’s all about getting out and doing whatever you can. We camp wherever we can find a quiet spot, leave no mess and move early every morning. No big wheels, no suspension...
  8. keeflester

    Overland Hound

    Hiya, Dug is a schnoodle, schnauzer/poodle cross. He doesn’t shed fur, so he gets three or four haircuts per year and this photo is taken shortly after his spring season haircut.
  9. keeflester

    Shout Out to Regional Members

    I converted ours myself in the back garden a couple of summers ago. Spent good money on mattresses, compressor fridge, b2b charger and a decent leisure battery, did the rest completely DIY. If there’s anything we’ve done that would suit you, feel free to copy, modify, adapt, whatever!
  10. keeflester

    Shout Out to Regional Members

    Spotted you from your profile, Middlezoy. We get down two or thee time a year to Westbury Wiltshire. Might be fun to hook up for a cuppa and a chat, maybe see where you go laning!
  11. keeflester

    Shout Out to Regional Members

    Hiya Andy, I’m born and bred in Somerset and did most of my service training at RAF Locking. Which bit are you at?
  12. keeflester

    North West Scotland

    b Wild orchids growing in the machair by our camping site at Mellon Udrigle in North West Scotland
  13. keeflester

    North West Scotland

    The Fairy Bridge on the Isle of Skye
  14. keeflester

    North West Scotland

    A chance encounter with The Jacobite, historic steam train, at Mallaig
  15. keeflester

    North West Scotland

    Glasdrum Wood Nature Reserve, Scotland’s hanging gardens