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  • Hello all, It’s been way to long for a post life has been crazy. I’m going to start my best to update this regularly and hopefully grow the Canon City CO area more and add info as I find it. The Fremont County area has tons of trails and camping sites though out it.
    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, the Toyota engine finally died so I had to rebuild it, then the driveshaft you joints broke had to have them redone plus working all the time.
    Well my 3.0 vze 4Runner over heated so now time for a rebuild and it’s needed. Had two cylinders with 0 compression.
    Hello all I’m in Canon City till the morning thinking of going out to either Texas Creek or Temple Canyon.
    I’m traveling to California but will be back on Wednesday. I’m wanting to find out information about monarch trail if it’s available to use and drive on with a Toyota 4Runner. In Garfield Colorado area btw.
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