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    ZA Roll call

  2. Jorrie

    Lighting up Camp

    That is a nice idea. Do you have a pick of the lights in your camp setup?
  3. Jorrie

    Let’s see some DIY projects that’s been done for your Rigs.

    Looks good. Like your workshop. Some aluminium checker plate might give it a nice finishing look.
  4. Jorrie

    Coms and Radios

    Sadly I haven't. I've been doing research on VHF vs UHF. But i still don't know. Or is a unlicensed CB radio better or GMRS? I want to be able to communicate when hitting the track, aswell as recieve info on emergency channels.
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    People mark caches as found, witch they haven't, only to get their smiley count up. It doesn't impact anyone negatively, but does put a damper on the game.
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    Add me to the list.
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    PSE is a very reputable brand.
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    Coms and Radios

    i have been wanting to put a communication radio in my bakkie for some time now. There are so many to choose from that i have no idee. Any inputs? Do you have something installed in your rig?
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    After a long drought, I finally washed my rig. I almost forgot what color it was. :)
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    My first aid kit

    I learned the hard way to always carry a form of burn treatment like Burn Shield. In case of a severe burn, it relieves pain relatively fast.
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    Avid bow hunter and competition archer. My bow is never far away.
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    Amazing over night stay by the river.

    Will have to go for a weekend. Looks great. Any other places you could recommend close to home? My fav place is Beaverlack. Go there at least 5 times a year.
  13. Jorrie

    Western Cape 4x4 trails Babylonstoren by Malmesbury Welgelegen by Stellenbosh Both are beautiful, with some challenging spots
  14. Jorrie

    Amazing over night stay by the river.

    Anton, dit lyk lekker. Waar het julle gaan kamp?