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  1. Joe Hunt

    US East Running the Trans America Trail (TAT) from WV to the OR coast

    Its a great trip, I would love to do it again. We met a number of challenges along the way. Good luck , have a great run. Joe Nomad Overlanding 10411
  2. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Sounds good Joe here. KE0UVB 10411
  3. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Joe Hunt here. Nomad Overlanding. What's going on? We have several trips planned and new gear on the rig. Ready and willing to get a get together going or a rigs and coffee. Let's do this. We are heading out tomorrow for a trip but when we get back we would love to have an outing at our place...
  4. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Welcome to OB. Hope to meet you sometime. Joe 10411
  5. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Hello Mike, we hope you are well. We are putting together some outings, we would love to get a rigs and coffee going or a trip or two. We are scheduled to get our covid shots, feeling better about getting out to do something. The Dragoon trail is just one on our list. We are making some...
  6. Joe Hunt

    Overland Expo West 2020 Flagstaff

    We are going to hit the Arizona Piece Trail at least a good portion of it. Also if you like remote camping try Toroweep/Toweep . Its 60 miles in and you nearly camp on the edge of the Grand Canyon. You do need a permit for camping and no trailers allowed the last 5 miles in. Well worth it ...
  7. Joe Hunt


    I may have a few ideas I can pass along. I also run a Tacoma. Good luck. See you on the trail. Member #10411 Joe Hunt Nomad Overlanding 319-521-6513.
  8. Joe Hunt


    Joe here. If I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate in calling. I am an Overland Bound member #10411. I also own Nomad Overlanding of Eastern Iowa. We do alot of traveling and have done so for many years. We encourage family adventures and like to see folks get out on the trail. Good...
  9. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    We went to Utah, through Oregon then up the coast this year , Alaska then to the Dempster in Canada. Camped on the Artic at the villiage of Tuk. Just over 13000 miles in all. 2012 Tacoma with a rooftop tent. Get out there and enjoy the trail.
  10. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Welcome, joe here 10411. We have three trips in the works right now. Expo West, the Ozarks rally in April, and the KAT in Kentucky. You would be welcome on any of those. Joe and Sally.
  11. Joe Hunt

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Hello everybody. Joe here. I have just returned from a little road trip. What's new? I finished the TAT, up the west coast then Alaska to the Top Of The World Hwy and up to the Artic Ocean. Just over 13000 miles. Any new events coming up? Very little or no cell service for sometime. #10411
  12. Joe Hunt

    Off Road & Outdoor Event

    Off Road & Outdoor Event Cedar Rapids Iowa July 20 2019. 11:00 A:M to 3:00 2150 Sadler Dr. SW 52404 Sadler Power Train is hosting the first Annual Off Road Event. Overlanding, a variety of vendors, also a Jeep and Rig show and shine for the best rig. $500 for first place. Nomad...
  13. Joe Hunt

    US Midwest OLB Midwest - Iowa area meetup

    Hello everyone. We did have a few show for April 13th but would like to have more next time. What do you guys want to do? It was a good time with good friends. Let's do this.
  14. Joe Hunt

    Rally April 13 2019

    Can someone help with setting up a meet and greet? April 13 2019. East of Iowa city Iowa. Please. Joe Hunt 319 521 6513
  15. Joe Hunt

    Overland Bound - Midwest Facebook group

    Joe here, 10411 I just completed a HAM class , looking for ideas on a ham unit to expand our communications and mapping needs for longer trips. Looking for some suggestions . Joe.