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    New to overland need advice

    Make sure your rig is solid mechanically - engine, cooling, drive train, electrical, etc. Tires should be your first upgrade. There are online calculators, charts that will help you determine tire size and how it works with your gearing. Take your rig out. Find out what you like to do. If your...
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    US West USFS - Mendocino National Forest Clean Up

    Is it possible to come up for a shorter time, Thurs night - Sat?
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    99 Tahoe build

    Bummer on your brakes...
  4. Jillsogw

    99 Tahoe build

    Did you install it yourself or have it done? What's your comparison to the 3" and a stock ride?
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    99 Tahoe build

    The next projects are sliders and a lift. I’m looking at the Rough Country 2-3” with rear spring kit. I’d be interested in any feedback from those who have the lift. Even better is anyone who has installed this lift.
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    99 Tahoe build

    She is great. She is getting more comfortable driving! Soon I’ll be the copilot
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    99 Tahoe build

    I have the ram mount installed. I was concerned about passenger space but my wife says there’s enough.
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    New from NorCal

    Welcome from Sacramento. As mentioned before a great place to get help on anything overland. Try to get to a meet up. Magic Mike in Auburn are good folks to know. Enjoy your full-size rig. I have a 99 Tahoe.
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    Congrats on your anniversary!!! Hope y’all had a fantastic time!
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    Congrats on your anniversary!!! Hope y’all had a fantastic time!
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Welcome! This is a great place to get information. The Outback would be a nice choice for what you want. You will hear this a lot, it doesn't matter what you drive.
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    Newbie from Colorado

    Welcome from Sacramento, CA! Nice rig! I have a 99 Tahoe as well.
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    99 Tahoe build

    My Yaesu FTM-400 and usb. The plan is to use the Ram mount HD pole attached to the seat bolt and mount the radio and iPad there. They will be closer to control and keep the dash/windshield as clean as reasonable. It would also be easier to adjust between passenger and driver. Basically rotate...
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    99 Tahoe build

    My power center installed...