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  • Just ordered the Garmin 64st GPS handheld and will be attending the REI classes for Basic GPS Navigation and Wilderness Map & Compass class
    Sold my Tonneau Cover for Tacoma short bed. Tacoma World member bought it for $550. Had to buy two brackets from Toyota ($30/each)..yikes!
    OEM Tube Step Sliders are now off my Tacoma and SOLD on Facebook. Had tons of inquiries. Let go for $140. Toyota sells for $649
    Just placed an Amazon order..They have loved me this week because I have had the new Tacoma TRD OR 4X4 for about a week..$$$$$$$
    This past week we've managed to get the windows tinted, new tires are now on and lots of gear purchased (both for recovery and camping)
    Heading to REI today to get some gear! Picked up my new 2018 Tacoma 4X4 Off Road yesterday and looking forward to getting her out there!
    Waiting to hear back from the GM at the Toyota dealership regarding my new 2018 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Off Road...Now, what to name her!! Hmmmm
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