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  1. Giffmann

    US Southeast For Sale - Tacoma Bed Rack

    For sale is a custom bed rack for a 2nd gen Tacoma. The bed rack is designed to fit over the top of a Softopper. Going to be selling the rig in the not too distant future, and I don't expect it will fit the new rig. Located in Charlotte, NC Asking: $600 No real way to economically ship it...
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    Members Instagram ID

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    Rig Photos

    The start of our rig: 2007 Tacoma DCSB SR5 with LSD, NOT a TRD Off Road...previous owner must have liked the sticker Upgraded the tires to 265/75/16 Wildpeak AT3s Added a light bar in the bumper Future plans include: Hefty Fabworks Sliders RCI Skid 2" lift
  4. Giffmann

    Enchanted Rockies trail September 26-30

    I should have read closer!! May I should head south from Co Springs and join ya'll with the family. Something to think about.
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    Hello! My name is Gifford and I'm from Colorado Springs. Just recently picked up an 2007 Tacoma DCSB so the family can explore more of this beautiful state that we have moved to. No real mods to the truck yet, other than a Tonneau and a Light Bar in the bumper. Plan to add rock rails and a...
  6. Giffmann

    Enchanted Rockies trail September 26-30

    We might be in for the Colorado portion, if you're going to do the entire trip up to Estes.
  7. Giffmann

    Dreaming of the mountains!

    Dreaming of the mountains!