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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    I bought a couple of things within days of each other. They arrived at different times but both are installed now! The first one was a 10lb candy red power tank. Ever since I got a chance to see these in action then get to use one later I was sold! The second was a set of Demello Off-Road...
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    US West Reoccurring - Orange County Overland Bound Monthly Meet-up - 12/01/2018

    Welcome, Phi! Looking forward to meeting you this weekend.
  3. FrankRoams

    Dual Bypass Shocks vs Air Bump Stops for Overlanding

    This is confirming my feelings as well. Bypass shocks seem to be overkill and minimally effective for what "we" do. I went with 2.5" King Extended travel shocks and am very happy with the performance. I do think I need to customize the valving a bit there but it's not critical as I feel...
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    Dual Bypass Shocks vs Air Bump Stops for Overlanding

    Looking for a shock/suspension experts here: I have been kicking around the idea of my next upgrade, I need to replace the lower arms on my FJ Cruiser so I am going to upgrade them. That is happening, the decision has been made. I am going with the Camburg stock length arms. The question I have...
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    This is AWESOME!!!

    These comments are depressing. You're not required to use it. Not your cup of tea, your welcome to navigate by the stars. Nothing wrong with being a purist. Just like nothing wrong with enjoying some new tech. You do you brother.
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    US West Rigged for Dirt - L.A. @ KC Hilites HQ

    We had an awesome turnout of 82+ rigs! Pics coming soon.
  7. FrankRoams

    Calling all FJ Cruisers!

    A recent shot of the trail turtle. Trucky.
  8. FrankRoams

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    This question and all the ones like it that have been asked in dozens of other hobbies and will continue to be asked until the end of time. All have one answer and are all the same questions for one reason. People! As long as people are part of a hobby, so will it's complexity and branching...
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    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    For me, overland Bound sierras. You can also check Rally Point though or the SoCal threads.
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    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    This is it. There are a few older ones but this is the most recent. Don't be fooled though, the meet-up get's about 100+ rigs every month. This thread is specifically for the meetup. Since it's well known there aren't many new questions. There are also regional sections in the forum for Socal...
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    US West Rigged for Dirt - L.A. @ KC Hilites HQ

    Rigged for Dirt is coming to Los Angeles! The OC meet-up that has built a reputation for community and awesome rigs that work hard and play hard is adding a sister event in Los Angeles. We're partnering with KC to host this MONTHLY event at their HQ in Gardena, CA. We're continuing our...
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Welcome. what part of SoCal are you in? good to have another FJ