Trophies awarded to Fairdinkum

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  1. 77

    Enthusiast I

    Make 5 posts. Get 4 positive reactions. Good posts equals more reactions!
  2. 56

    Contributor III

    Member for 15 Days! We're glad to have you!
  3. 38

    Contributor II

    Make your first post in the community!
  4. 173

    Explorer I

    Add 5 locations.
  5. 137

    Pathfinder III

    Add 3 pictures in either New Locations Location Reviews.
  6. 137

    Steward III

    Post relevant social media picture including the message, "Leave it better than you found it".
  7. 30

    Experimenter I

    Share secondary use of a piece of gear in the community forum with details / photos.
  8. 56

    Traveler III

    You have REVIEWED a location on the resource map. Thank you!
  9. 38

    Traveler II

    You have ADDED your first location to our Resource Map!
  10. 30

    Contributor I

    Registered 1 Day! Welcome to the Crew!
  11. 173

    Member I

    You are a Member! You have your number. Join in our web store or our app Overland Bound One! Welcome to the Crew!
  12. 30

    Traveler I

    You are in the Adventure or the Expedition group.