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    Educator I

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    Educator II

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    Educator III

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    Protector I

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    Protector II

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    Protector III

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    Guardian I

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    Guardian II

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    Guardian III

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    Steward I

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    Steward II

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    Steward III

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    Contributor I

    Your first post! Congrats!
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    Traveler I

    Show yourself on the Overland Bound Member Map! You can do this by editing your personal preferences and choosing "Show" under "Privacy" (You must be an Overland Bound Member with a badge and number to access the member map, but you can enter your location regardless for this trophy).
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    Off-Road Ranger I

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    Experimenter I

    Demonstrate two different methods for accomplishing the same goal in camp. Share with the community.
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    Contributor II

    You have made 20 Posts and have a reaction score of 10! You have also selected your Overland Bound region in your user profile, and filled in your first and last name in your profile.
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    Traveler II

    You've shared at least one destination in our "Submit Your Overland Routes!" forum! Thank you!
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    Off-Road Ranger II

    Ignore me for now!
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    Experimenter II

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    Contributor III

    You have made 50 posts and have a reaction score of 25!
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    Traveler III

    You have your Ham License and have entered your call sign in your profile!
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    Off-Road Ranger III

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    Experimenter III

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    Enthusiast I

    You have made 100 posts and have a community reaction score of at least 90!
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    Pathfinder I

    You have shared at least one destination in the "Share Your Overland Routes!" section of the forum and received 100 likes.
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    Trail Blazer I

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    Builder I

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    Enthusiast II

    You have made 150 posts and have a community reaction score of at least 100! You've also been registered for 60 days.
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    Pathfinder II

    Ignore me for now!
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    Trail Blazer II

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    Builder II

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    Enthusiast III

    You've made 140 posts and have a community Reaction Score of at least 100! In addition, you have at least 400 points, and you have been registered for 30 days!
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    Pathfinder III

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    Trail Blazer III

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    Builder III

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    Member I

    You have become an Overland Bound Member, and have a Member Number! Welcome to our crew!
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    Explorer I

    Ignore me for now!
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    Endurance I

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    Trail Mechanic I

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    Member II

    You have met in person with another Overland Bound Member! This trophy has been verified by an Overland Bound Administrator! Congrats!
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    Explorer II

    Ignore me for now!
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    Endurance II

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    Trail Mechanic II

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    Member III

    Thank you! You have become an Overland Bound Supporter, Supporter +, or Benefactor! We appreciate it very much! Your contribution goes toward spreading the word, improving these forums, and encouraging others to Outfit & Explore! It helps us to run these forums ad-free!
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    Explorer III

    Ignore me for now!
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    Endurance III

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    Trail Mechanic III

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    Advocate I

    Congrats! You have posted 3 times in our Do it Yourself section. Thanks for spreading the knowledge! Your posts are also of high quality, in your time on these forums, you have received a reaction score of 120!
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    Navigator I

    You have had one route approved by Overland Bound in the "Overland Bound Routes: Downloadable!" section. They must include pictures, and GPX and KML file formats. This needs to be verified by OB staff. Thank you for showing us the way!
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    World Traveler I

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    Creator I

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    Advocate II

    Thanks for starting a conversation in Q&A! It really helps other members! You've also posted at least 15 times in Q&A, and have received a community Reaction Score of at least 200!
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    Navigator II

    Ignore me for now!
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    World Traveler II

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    Creator II

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    Advocate III

    You are an Overland Bound Member, started one discussion approved to be included in Overland Boot Camp, and you have a reaction score of at least 250. Thank you for contributing to Boot Camp!
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    Navigator III

    Ignore me for now!
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    World Traveler III

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    Creator III

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    Influencer I

    300 Posts! Thank you for your valued contribution! It's appreciated. You also have at least 1800 points 200 likes and have been registered for 90 days. You are one of us!
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    Pioneer I

    Ignore me for now!
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    Expedition Master I

  64. 473

    Inventor I

  65. 500

    Test Trophy Recalculate

  66. 537

    Influencer II

    You have created a Rally Point! Thank you for sharing with the community!
  67. 537

    Pioneer II

    Ignore me for now!
  68. 537

    Expedition Master II

  69. 537

    Inventor II

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    OB Cyber Team

    For those who have committed themselves to the security and safety of our community online. They have thwarted cyber attacks and insured the safety of our members personal information.
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    Benefactors support our community by keeping our forums ad free, secure, and by contributing to the ongoing development of our software.
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    Influencer III

    Thank you for being an Overland Bound Member! You've also had a verified post on Instagram with a picture of your emblem in some awesome place, and a shout out to encourage others to "Outfit & Explore", and tagged @overlandbound. Thank you again!
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    Pioneer III

    Ignore me for now!
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    Expedition Master III

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    Inventor III