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    CV Assassin

    Awarded for members who break 3 CV axles in 6 months.
  2. 30

    Contributor I

    Registered 1 Day! Welcome to the Crew!
  3. 30

    Traveler I

    You are in the Adventure or the Expedition group.
  4. 30

    Off-Road Ranger I

    Get your Ham License and add your call sign to your user profile.
  5. 30

    Experimenter I

    Share secondary use of a piece of gear in the community forum with details / photos.
  6. 38

    Contributor II

    Make your first post in the community!
  7. 38

    Traveler II

    You have ADDED your first location to our Resource Map!
  8. 38

    Off-Road Ranger II

    Safe water crossing over 24 inches deep
  9. 38

    Experimenter II

    Share a valuable DIY project with the community
  10. 56

    Contributor III

    Member for 15 Days! We're glad to have you!
  11. 56

    Traveler III

    You have REVIEWED a location on the resource map. Thank you!
  12. 56

    Off-Road Ranger III

    Emergency first aid in the field. No pictures please :)
  13. 56

    Experimenter III

    In the forums, share a solution to a common overland problem.
  14. 75

    Steward I

    Complete the TreadLightly online 101 awareness course. Provide picture or pdf of certificate.
  15. 77

    Enthusiast I

    Make 5 posts. Get 4 positive reactions. Good posts equals more reactions!
  16. 77

    Pathfinder I

    Review 10 Camp sites on the map.
  17. 77

    Trail Blazer I

    Make an established obstructed trail safely passable.
  18. 77

    Builder I

    Replace a part on on your overland vehicle.
  19. 105

    Enthusiast II

    Make 15 posts. Get 12 positive reactions. Registered for at least 5 days. Thank you!
  20. 105

    Pathfinder II

    Add one Offroad trail
  21. 105

    Trail Blazer II

    Record an off-road track in the Overland Bound One app. Share GPX.
  22. 105

    Builder II

    Fabricate a durable part or customization for your rig.
  23. 105

    Steward II

    Participate in a Trail Guardian Events organized by others. Post your event experience with photos in our forums.
  24. 137

    Enthusiast III

    Make 25 posts. Receive 15 positive reactions. Registered for 20 days.
  25. 137

    Pathfinder III

    Add 3 pictures in either New Locations Location Reviews.
  26. 137

    Trail Blazer III

    Establish a snow or ice camp. Stay warm.
  27. 137

    Builder III

    Host a 'mod or repair' day at your shop garage, or driveway! Picture proof!
  28. 137

    Steward III

    Post relevant social media picture including the message, "Leave it better than you found it".
  29. 173

    Member I

    You are a Member! You have your number. Join in our web store or our app Overland Bound One! Welcome to the Crew!
  30. 173

    Explorer I

    Add 5 locations.
  31. 173

    Endurance I

    Safely navigate a trail rated 6 Hard or above.
  32. 173

    Trail Mechanic I

    Trail repair. From not moving to moving!
  33. 173

    Protector I

    Create a "Cleanup" event using Rally Point
  34. 213

    Member II

    You are a Member. Meet in person with another Overland Bound Member. Check out Rally Point!
  35. 213

    Explorer II

    Add 2 of every type of location.
  36. 213

    Endurance II

    Journey 15 days in your vehicle. No hotels!
  37. 213

    Trail Mechanic II

    Help an Overlander or motorist in need. Tow or mechanical assistance.
  38. 213

    Protector II

    Trail trash pickup, cleaning up after others. Good job!
  39. 257

    Member III

    You are a Member. Attend your first Rally Point trip or event. See map Events tab!
  40. 257

    Explorer III

    Suggest an edit for 10 locations. Quality is key!
  41. 257

    Endurance III

    Journey for 1 month or more in your vehicle.
  42. 257

    Trail Mechanic III

    Major trail repair. Fix or replace major component, driveline, suspension, engine part, axel, etc.
  43. 257

    Protector III

    Restore an overused or misused camp site. Provide before/after pics
  44. 305

    Advocate I

    Make a post in the Q&A Section of the Community
  45. 305

    Navigator I

    Add 5 of every type of location.
  46. 305

    World Traveler I

    Visit another country with your vehicle
  47. 305

    Creator I

    Create a tool or part with equipment on hand while off grid.
  48. 305

    Educator I

    Attend Leave No Trace or Tread Lightly Workshop.
  49. 357

    Advocate II

    Welcome 10 new Members in 'Member Introductions' Receive 50 positive reactions overall.
  50. 357

    Navigator II

    Review 20 locations.
  51. 357

    World Traveler II

    Visit 3 Countries with your vehicle.
  52. 357

    Creator II

    Find a secondary use for a tool or item to get you out of a jam on the trail.
  53. 357

    Educator II

    Attend Tread Lightly Tread Trainer Course
  54. 413

    Advocate III

    Follow 10 People You can follow From their profile!
  55. 413

    Navigator III

    Review 10 of every type of location.
  56. 413

    World Traveler III

    Transport your vehicle via ship, or ferry.
  57. 413

    Creator III

    Safely and correctly wire a new accessory in your vehicle.
  58. 413

    Educator III

    Lead 30 minute awareness and trail cleanup Meetup or Cleanup Event. Education to be part of the event.
  59. 473

    Influencer I

    5 people follow you. You have made 50 posts. You have 2500 points.
  60. 473

    Pioneer I

    Total of 50 locations added.
  61. 473

    Expedition Master I

    Cross-axel transition. Recover with two tires without traction.
  62. 473

    Inventor I

    Build a great piece of overland gear and share plans with the community.
  63. 473

    Guardian I

    Co-Sponsor or Create a Trail Guardian Event with 20+ Attendees using Rally Point
  64. 500

    Test Trophy Recalculate

  65. 537

    Influencer II

    Read our Founding Principles. Name your favorite!
  66. 537

    Pioneer II

    Add 30 pictures in reviews or new locations.
  67. 537

    Expedition Master II

    Repair a winch line correctly.
  68. 537

    Inventor II

    Fashion a unique way to cook or warm a meal
  69. 537

    Guardian II

    Co-Sponsor or Create a Trail Guardian Event with 50+ Attendees using Rally Point.
  70. 600

    OB Cyber Team

    For those who have committed themselves to the security and safety of our community online. They have thwarted cyber attacks and insured the safety of our members personal information.
  71. 600


    Benefactors support our community by keeping our forums ad free, secure, and by contributing to the ongoing development of our software.
  72. 605

    Influencer III

    Create a Rally Point! It can be any type. Find your adventure crew!
  73. 605

    Pioneer III

    Review 20 unverified locations (grey icons).
  74. 605

    Expedition Master III

    Two-line winch recovery or side-pull recovery. Demonstrate proper safety techniques.
  75. 605

    Inventor III

    Fashion a shelter to protect from extreme environments.
  76. 605

    Guardian III

    Adopt a Trail through Public Agency in your region to provide regular maintenance.