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  1. Crusader

    OB East transplant to DFW

    Welcome aboard. I think you will be disappointed with the local wheeling scene. There are a few scattered ORV parks. Big Bend is in West TX and we have some decent beaches, but most land is privately owned in TX so a road trip is usually necessary to get off road. I'm hoping to order my rig...
  2. Crusader


    I'm taking notes. funnel, hose, hose clamp, check! The OP can consider the cost of most RTTs.
  3. Crusader

    Comms on the road?

    Hold off on buying any new CBs. I hear that the upcoming FM CBs will be on the same frequencies and they will clutter the frequencies with noise when heard on the older AM CBs. Since everyone will be forced to buy new FM CBs, GMRS may rise in popularity because of the chaos.
  4. Crusader

    Question regarding a simple switch

    It's best to put the switch on the hot side. That leaves more of the circuit dead when power is switched off and less likely to short to ground when the switch is off
  5. Crusader

    Rendezvous in the Ozarks 2021

    Shouldn't somebody be posting pictures?
  6. Crusader

    Bedrack Electronics

    I'm thinking about a lithium battery/inverter with Anderson disconnects to the truck secondary battery. I can keep it in the bed and include disconnects for rack lighting and solar. That way, I can pull it out in pieces and store it when in daily driver mode. Still on hold to buy the truck...
  7. Crusader

    New Nissan Frontier...

    The Frontier uses the same engine as last year.
  8. Crusader

    Learning to wrench for field repairs and DIY installs

    When I had my Jeep, I made a maintenance binder. I found illustrated write ups for transmission, differential, and brake service. I had all of the fluids, fluid levels, light bulb model numbers, filter model numbers, etc..... If I did anything to my Jeep, it was documented in my binder. That...
  9. Crusader

    GRMS vehicle mounted and handheld with location finding like Garmin Rino units?

    Maybe you can give your kid an FRS radio with one of those pet GPS tags glued to it or have your kid wear it like dog tags. Most FRS radios overlap with GMRS on 2 channels.
  10. Crusader

    What justifies the expense for a rooftop tent?

    "At fault" divorce is awesome. I would likely be forced to pay her $25k/year (after I pay the taxes on it) for 10 years as alimony. Because I have proof of her affairs (and it is brutal), I will be paying no alimony. I only have to give her $4k on the day of the divorce. Since she moved in...
  11. Crusader

    What justifies the expense for a rooftop tent?

    You're on to something. I want to join a local Jeep club and get with people here and do trips with them, but I have another motive for getting the Gladiator. I was about to buy my wife a new Jeep when I found out that she has been cheating on me. The divorce is almost over and I'm taking it...
  12. Crusader

    2022 4Runner

    I think they put off the redesign until '23. The '22 is pretty much a carryover of the '21.