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    Another Subaru Build Thread

    The bumpers look fantastic, especially with the new wheels! How does the front bumper effect your MPG? Also, what were the road conditions up at Tuk like?
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    X-Bull Recovery Tracks...another inexpensive alternative

    These could be promising. They're made of polypropelene, which the MAXSA tracks are (and I believe they have a good reputation). Polypropelene is what most car plastics - especially bumper protectors on every modern vehicle out there - are made of. They are flexible, have good rebound (little...
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    From SW Ontario to Nunavut by road - James Bay Rd!

    For a while now, I've had the idea to travel from the US/Canada border, all the way down here in Southwestern Ontario, up to the James Bay Rd., and up to Chisasibi QC. I'll stop to see Raddison QC, and the Robert Bourassa dam along the way. My plan is that, when I get to Chisasibi, I kayak or...
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    I wish I was in French Canada for these reasons exactly. The Quebecers seem a lot more accepting of this sort of thing than do us boring Ontarians to the west of 'em. ;-)
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    Amazing! I wish they weren't so anal about shipping containers around here. Apparently they're always an eyesore, no matter how you use them. They're legally difficult to own. I've thought about setting one into the side of a hill though and covering the top with a grass roof though. It's a...
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    JKU Overland build - AEV 2.5" Lift - Over capacity - should I add OME HD springs?

    For my Subaru, I suffered from saggy butt syndrome too... What helped was taking out all my gear, organizing it by "theme" (e.g. recovery, camping, repair, etc.), putting that stuff in bins, weighing it, and distributing those groups of gear as evenly as I could throughout the vehicle.
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    For myself (probably one of the youngest members here, in my early 20's) I went to university... but was never satisfied with how mundane and thoughtless much of the work was. It felt like you were working to please someone else, through learning skills that benefit you in a potential job...
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    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    The bumper's "skeleton" has been coming along nicely... This is what's hidden underneath the bumper protector. I wanted the structural stuff there for the cleaner looks and the protection from salt spray on our winter roads. POR-15'ed, painted, and just about ready to go! Turns out "Ford...
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    2018 Subaru BRZ build + planning

    As a fan of Subarus and, in general, all things weird and obscure... This is going to be one helluva' cool build. Really excited to see where this goes!
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    Solar Panel Open Discussion/Debate/Review

    For what it's worth mentioning... I really like Lensun solar panels. They seem better made than most panels I've handled, they use high quality materials, and they're the best choice IMO as far as quality/price goes, if you are looking for something flexible (e.g. hood mount). I have a 30W one...
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    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    I'm a fan of the styling behind both of these vehicles; it was actually between a 4 Runner, Tacoma, and this Forester. You're absolutely right in that a lot of aftermarket ones hurt - not help - the looks of these rigs. Plus, there's the advantage of building things exactly to your specs, and...
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    Developing LF film WHILE overlanding?

    Hey, thanks for the kind words about my photos. #10 (if by that you mean the shot with the white pipes and caution tape) was shot in a US Navy cruiser (?) undergoing restoration as a museum piece. I think it was in Michigan. In any case, they let me explore below deck - really cool experience...
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    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    Thanks! I actually like the rear bumper and the sill plate design, so I wanted to keep it, plus I get no better of a departure angle if I remove it (due to the exhaust location). I'd guess my bumper weighs 40 lbs altogether. That said, standing on the back of the car, the suspension compresses...
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    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    Haven't commented here in a while, been busy out exploring with the rig, and working on it a bit too: ...and I thought the ADF lift kit install would be my last major project in a while. Hah! I've wanted a place to store a full size spare, jerry can, and trasharoo (I spend half my...
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    Developing LF film WHILE overlanding?

    I develop 4x5 and 120 out of the back of my Subaru on occasion. I shoot professionally, so I demand good results, and I get them. Everything I use can fit in a laundry tub from the dollar store. My C-41 process is as follow: - Heat up water to 120F-ish, pour into laundry tub. - Put dev and...