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    Thank you!
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    New Member from Boston Area

    Totally - drag there isn't more like there is out west. Still, I figure a place like this is the best place to share info. Definitely want to get out there when/where ever possible.
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    Hello! I have been a fan of OB for some time now and just today registered as a member. After parting with my Land Cruisers years ago (a 62 and an 80) and a few disruptive personal years that followed, things have settled somewhat (albeit amidst a pandemic) and I recently found myself a...
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    Overland Bound Founding Principles

    My first post, in response to where I'm supposed to start. The personal story about the root of overland bound is really compelling to me - many similarities with my own story. Appreciate the candor and humanity of your post, @Michael - I'm excited to read up and familiarize myself with the...