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    US West Inland Empire Meet-up

    Oh great, anyone know where I can get 37" chains last minute? I do have General Grabber ATX tires that have the 3 peak snow rating, but from what I understand, sometimes they require chains on top of 4x4 and snow rated tires, is that right?
  2. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Inland Empire Meet-up

    Looks amazing! I'm in for Saturday, just got a lift on the Hummer and have new tires and wheels coming this week.
  3. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Meet and Greet in Temecula/Murrieta CA

    Here in Winchester/Murrieta area.
  4. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    Wanted to go but had something come up unfortunately. I'll be at the next one for sure.
  5. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    I'm new here but I was able to make it to the last Inland Empire meet. It was a drive out there but definitely worth it. Looking forward to meeting some local people. Is the pin on the rally point page accurate to the meeting point? Address only states Irvine.
  6. ALPHA_H3T

    Green valley lake to Big Bear lake - 02/10/2018

    I'm interested in going, would snow chains be needed?
  7. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Inland Empire Meet-up

    Awesome, going to check it out now.
  8. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Inland Empire Meet-up

    Nice! Mine comes in on Saturday, so I won't have it on until after the trip. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  9. ALPHA_H3T

    US West Inland Empire Meet-up

    Im new to OB and would like to come out for Saturday. I have a stock Hummer H3T with pretty much no extra gear/equipment. Will the trails be easy enough for me to handle?
  10. ALPHA_H3T

    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    Just ordered an emblem, look forward to putting it on the Hummer.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hello, I have been looking into hitting the open dirt roads since I started hearing about overlanding. You could say I have some experience doing that in Iraq. I have an 09 Hummer H3T Alpha and have begun looking at essential gear to equip my vehicle with. Im in Orange County and looking to...