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    Diesel Trucks

    I don’t own one... but I agree with you getting one! If you’re leaning toward Ford, look up Powerstroke Help on YouTube. Bill and his videos are a wealth of knowledge. Today he recommends the 6.0, he doesn’t work on the 7.3’s anymore, but recommends a shop local to him that does.
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    Full Size Overland Rigs

    My 2016 Fundra! Just got the lift and upper control arms done in time for OB Rally in the Ozarks! Also (just tonight) finished running electrical to truck cap, so when I have light on the top for the campsite I can run the electrical from there
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    Nature Photos

    On the Trans America Trail, Tennessee river. I’m in the middle on the KLR 650.
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    WHY did you choose YOUR rig?!

    I bought my Tundra because I wanted long term reliability, towing capability and apparently because I hate gasoline and feel it should be burned as rapidly as possible...
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    Trans America Trail - Sam Corerro’s track

    I actually don’t know how many riders we have here, but I 4x4 and ADV Ride! If you ever have the chance to do that TAT, I highly recommend you buy the GPS files from 2 of my friends and I started the Trans America Trail on the 1st of July 2018. I made it 16 days, and they took...
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    We've got the dates and location...

    We've got the dates and location!
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    You got it!: Rally Southeast 2019

    You got it!: Rally Southeast 2019
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    Here's your reference: General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) The first sentence clarifies that it must be a radio specifically licensed for GMRS use.
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    Southeast US Rigs. Beer. Food. Convoy. Camp. - 02/23/2019

    @radwelder will have some suggestions. He has been posted as the Florida Member Representative!
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    Southeast US Rigs. Beer. Food. Convoy. Camp. - 02/23/2019

    Could do! I doubt I can be there myself, but I’d be happy to help you plan a meetup! Whatcha got in mind?
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    Southeast US NC/SC Brown Mountain OHV Overnight Trip - 04/06/2019

    Hey guys, I've informed HQ that there are issues with confirming for this event.
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    OB members in south Florida
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    I had to cross a river yesterday.

    I hereby dub thee Bob. FJ Bob.