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  1. 1derer

    Moab - Canyonlands and Arches

    Check out Willow Springs Rd. it will take you directly into Arches NP super easy and neat place to see dino prints along the way.
  2. 1derer

    Camp Photos!

    Last week's camp in Utah (1st trip to Moab area)
  3. 1derer

    Moab - Canyonlands and Arches

    Nah she is much more planned than I am.
  4. 1derer

    Moab - Canyonlands and Arches

    Since this is a trip with significant other I will skip trails that have too much pucker factor!
  5. 1derer

    Moab - Canyonlands and Arches

    Thank you for the info I am not against training but not seeking it at this time. I have already purchased local Moab (North, South), Canyonlands, Arches NP and UT backroads trail book. I also have a few GPS apps that I use for navigation. I am primarily looking for suggestions on trails...
  6. 1derer

    Moab - Canyonlands and Arches

    Middle of April and I am up for moderate trails but would like to majority of easy/moderate no difficult. Plan to camp in the truck camper.
  7. 1derer

    Moab - Canyonlands and Arches

    Planning 5 days in Moab area, never been there before I was wondering if anyone could make trail suggestions, must sees for the area? Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. 1derer

    Tundra Build for Family Adventure

    Nice rig looks great! Here's mine really enjoying the tundra after several different land cruisers
  9. 1derer

    Dick Cepek trail Country Exp

    Looking forward to seeing how these work. Just mounted a few days ago.
  10. 1derer

    Rig ideas

    Have you considered an Excursion? Might be able to find a fairly clean 7.3L in your range. Expedition Portal Ford Excursion
  11. 1derer

    Gasoline Calculations

    I've found its difficult to be much further then 100 miles from any gas station in western US. However if you are getting out there its good to leave a little room as its easy to carry more then you need but sure sucks when you don't have enough. Good to calculate from your lowest calculated MPG.
  12. 1derer

    Camp Photos!

    Sterling Lake CA
  13. 1derer

    New Camera arrived today

    Check out B&H used department for used lens I've had some great luck getting like new equipment for fraction of the cost. B&H photo used lens
  14. 1derer

    Thinking of a Nissan Xterra

    I have wheeled with a few buddies that have the Pro-4x or "off-road" version with rear elocker. I have been surprised by these rugged, capable, reliable trucks. If you live in warmer climates I'd suggest doing the radiator bypass just in case. If you are in colder climates replace the...