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    FOR SALE 1988 HJ75 - UTE (RV) - San Jose, CA - $29,500

    Photo Link: Photos 1988 HJ75 FOR SALE: $29,500 Registered, Titled , Replacement VIN in California 1988 Toyota HJ75 UTE - Right Hand Drive : Country of Origin: Australia Miles: 72,000KM - 45,000 miles Engine: 2H Diesel (mpg: HWY/ CITY 21/16 ) Transmission: H55F - 5 speed Drive: 4WD - Front...
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    Campground or Boondock?

    avoid actual campgrounds unless there are no other campers
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    Toyota LC 78 Troopy and Toyota LC 71 advantages and disadvantages !

    Honestly if I was to choose between these two very different trucks it would come down to the deal $ would make the difference. Which one is cleaner as equipped to suit my particular needs. Its very difficult to make a suggestion for you without a lot more data. Exact info on these trucks...
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    Campgrounds in California

    No coordinates needed you can google map it... Gold Lake 4x4 Campground
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    Campgrounds in California

    I am planning a trip there Sat 8-24 will monitor GMRS:15 when in the truck if anyone else is around
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    Where are my Bay Area Overlanders At??

    San Jose , I am also looking to get out weekend 8-24 I was thinking Gold lake, Shaver Lake or Downieville but if you know good routes in Truckee I might be game.
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    Old Vehicles.

    I guess I will call my rig old... 1988 HJ70 70,000KM
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    Camera bag vs backpack

    Personally I prefer backpack over a camera bag. When traveling camera bags tend to be a target for high value equipment. It also makes me think really carefully what I intend to shoot to bring only what I need not equipment or lens that I will not use. Most of the time I use a small sling bag...
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    Which vehicle do you recommend

    We have an xterra in the group that I wheel with and it is constantly underestimated not just for ability but cost of ownership being low. Now owner has over 200K with no major issues running $150 lift 285/75-16 (off my cruiser)
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    Where to find a overlanding vehicle?

    You can check here too Expedition Portal
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    Which vehicle do you recommend

    Depending how tall you are you might make a Nissan X-terra Pro-4x (factory rear locker) decent mpgs, inexpensive to buy, maintain but a more limited accessory market. I've slept in an 80 series for years it was long enough but as you stated mpg isn't so good ~11mpg with 35" tires.
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    Anyone build own 18650 12v battery?

    I am considering building a 100AH 18650 battery pack for my rig. Currently I have 400w solar (Just finished building), 30A MPPT controller with li support + custom settings 2 x 100amp deep cycle I would like to reclaim some space and weight hopefully also allowing for deeper drain cycle...
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    Solar Battery Question

    Only thing that you did not specify was where these batteries are located. If you are using non-sealed lead acid batteries you want them in a well vented area.
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    Florida Overland Members

    No decisions made yet still weighing my options there are a few other considerations. I am just doing my research on what my options are... Even if there is not a lot of overlanding, exploring by 4x4 that's ok as I love the water as well as trying to get into paramotoring.