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    Looking for 500 MI poney express trail

    I drove the route from 5-Mile Pass, south of Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe earlier this month. The route is intact until you hit Nevada Hwy 287, then you're into a lot of private land. I'm going to try to attach the track I took. It was awesome, even if it wasn't completely on dirt. GPX viewer
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    Need help choosing tires

    I have 35,000 miles on my Hankook DynaPro M/Ts and they still have a TON of tread left. I had the same tire on my 2008 JK Unlimited and got 60,000 miles on them before I sold it with plenty of tread. I know a lot of it is driving style, but the tires seem to be built to last. Quiet(er) on the...
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    This is an excellent write up. I see many Jeeps with their doors off and drivers dangling a foot out. I've even seen them with foot pegs. Those rigs are heavy and getting your foot between the Jeep side and a rock or tree will result in serious injury. The softest thing (flesh and bone) in...
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    Preventing Motor Vehicle Incidents

    Another good rule relates to overcoming our ego: Do not be so determined to go forward that you won't let yourself consider turning around. When that little voice in your head tells you to stop, then stop. When you think you *might* be able to make it, then really scout it out and consider...
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    Timbren Axleless Suspension

    One of the guys on my recent Utah Backcountry Discovery Route trip pulled a rented trailer on Timbren suspension behind his 2017 Tacoma, and it was great. The trailer did a great job of staying level and pulling smoothly. Of course, without the axle he cleared everything on the trail easily...
  6. 12C20

    Lockhart vs La Sal on UTBDR

    Your 4-Runner won't have any trouble with La Sal Pass.
  7. 12C20

    Lockhart vs La Sal on UTBDR

    Chris, what are you driving? I'll tell you if I think you could do Lockhart Basin once I understand that. I used to have a JKU with a 2.5" lift on 35" tires and would feel very comfortable taking it on - except for the really narrow part - in that. In my Tacoma with a 3" lift and 33" tires...
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    Opinions on Tepui roof top tents?

    REI Anniversary Sale is on now. 20% off.
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    Plates and bowls, let's overthink this together

    Funny! My 22-year old son has the Snow Peak stuff in his "Save For Later" list at But, he's 22 and single. He can afford that stuff! ;-) We just carry the plastic bowls and cups from IKEA, with some old stainless steel flatware utensils. I have plastic mixing bowls, and I'm really...
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    Jeep JK people...thoughts on tire size etc.

    I ran 35s on my ‘08 JKU, and when I regeared to 4.88, it was perfect. Before that, it was a dog.
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    Anyone else cook under the hood?

    Did the same thing on our construction boats as an Army combat engineer. Good times!
  12. 12C20

    Just did Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona

    Thanks for the info! I'd like to explore that country some time.
  13. 12C20

    Just did Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona

    That's beautiful! How long is that trail? Could it be stretched into a 2- or 3-day drive?
  14. 12C20

    Gas can question for long term users

    It’s flimsy without a can in it; but once your full can is loaded in, the holder is solid.
  15. 12C20

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Thank you for saving me from clarifying that! Excellent explanation...