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    Just did Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona

    Thanks for the info! I'd like to explore that country some time.
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    Just did Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona

    That's beautiful! How long is that trail? Could it be stretched into a 2- or 3-day drive?
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    Gas can question for long term users

    It’s flimsy without a can in it; but once your full can is loaded in, the holder is solid.
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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Thank you for saving me from clarifying that! Excellent explanation...
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    Gazelle Tents

    But if you set it up over a HOLE...!
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    Utah Traverse

    Look into visiting Hole In The Rock on the north/west side of the Colorado River, out of Escalante, UT. There’s epic pioneer history there, including the remains of a cantilevered dugway built to get wagons down to the river.
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    How To: Off-Road Trail Tire Repair

    I'd noticed a slow leak that I had checked out at the tire shop, but they found nothing. I dealt with it for months, filling the tire every 10 days, or so. My brother, his son, and I decided to take off across Utah's West Desert in search of the Topaz Mountain Japanese Internment Site near...
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    Decked for Tacoma, Colorado and other mid-sizes trucks

    I have these in my Tacoma without a topper. I've never had water get into the drawers or the ammo cans. I've run in rain, snow, and car washes, and have never had any sign of water infiltration. I did 3 days on the White Rim Trail last month and got a little bit of dust in them, but nothing...
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    Spring Break to MOAB

    Yeah. We’re going to take it in 2 days and 2 nights.
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    Spring Break to MOAB

    Great trip! I’ll be on the White Rim Trail in about 10 days, and can’t wait! Thanks for sharing!
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    Minimalism and Overlanding

    Thank you for writing this, Graeme. You’ve inspired me.
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    Distance between home and the start of a trail

    My trails all start at the end of my driveway... It’s ALL an adventure!
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    Utah Traverse

    I agree. I’ve not done the Utah Traverse, but if you take the dirt roads, it can be a 5-day trip in itself. Stay mostly on pavement, with a side trip or two, and you could get across in 2 easy days and have 3 days in Colorado.
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    Decked for Tacoma, Colorado and other mid-sizes trucks

    I found a way to modify the ammo can lids so they can’t be removed by passers by. With the tailgate up, the retaining rod can’t be removed.