Using OEM ARB compressor harness with your switch pros

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When I bought my ARB compressor my intention was to only fill tires and or run an air tank. I never intended to run lockers because my truck has really good OEM lockers. The plan was to hook it up to my switch pros and mounted under the hood, sounded pretty simple. The problem I found was with the ARB wiring harness.

The wiring harness itself is quite complicated by design and out of necessity. It was designed to hook up the compressor with a pressure switch and run multiple solenoids for front and rear air lockers. The instruction manual was put together quite well and explained different scenarios for set up for your compressor and how to use the supplied harness however ARB obviously never intended you to only use the compressor to fill tires. I explored my options on the Internet and found that both switch pros and S pod offered a wiring harness for the compressor both were about 20 bucks. I decided I did not want to do this and thankfully ARB supplies a wiring diagram to their harness.

You can find the write up on how I prepped the wiring harness so you can do the same on my blog here