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Hello, I want to play a game...
The rules are simple.
1. A challenge is submitted by the victor of the previous challenge, and anyone in our community has 24 hours to post a photo of said challenge.
2. A challenge is valid for 24 hours after posting, If no one has done the challenge in 24 hours then ANYONE can post a new challenge.
3. No Google or stock photos allowed. Old photos are permitted as long as they are of either your rig, or you took the picture.
4. Lets keep this family friendly with the challenges...(No flashing, mooning, t-bags, etc.)
5. If no challenge is presented by the winner, open game for anyone to put one up after 1 hour.

Example and to start things off If someone were to challenge a photo of your rig with a body of water in the back ground then I would try to be the first to post a picture like this.

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Then because I am the first to post a photo of the challenge I would then submit a new challenge. Which is a photo of your rig mall crawling (Tire on a curb).


Full disclosure I saw this idea on another forum one day and thought it was a novel idea, however unfortunately I can not find what forum it was to give them proper credit.



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Not done any mods/upgrades, mine still needs the powersteeringpump replaced.

My challenge is.. your rig on a forest trail.