Pass through DIScharging Jackery/Iceco?

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Hello, new member here and definitely new to 12v fridge setups. I have a new Iceco VL75ProD with slide on the way for the back of my 2021 ZR2. I have the ARB wiring kit and the ARB plug to use with the iceco. I am planning using a jackeRyan 500 as well as upgrading my stock battery to the H8 diesel battery. I will run the 12v ARB wire to the back So, as most on here probably already know, the theory is to plug the fridge into the jackery and the jackery into the wiring to the battery So the truck charges the jackery and the jackery runs the fridge while the truck is running. And when the truck is off the jacke runs the fridge alone. My question is; I understand that jackery supports pass through charging for this set up while the truck is running. What I don’t know is if I leave the connections the same after I shut off the truck will the (pass through) use the jackery power first then revert to truck battery if needed or will the iceco pull down the truck battery through the jackery at the same time? Or do most people with this setup simply unplug their power station from the starter battery while off? Thanks in advance! Can’t wait to test out the big dual zone setup
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I would not hook it up to something powered without rig running. Plug the jackery 12v cig lighter charger into something that only has power with your rig on. If not you chance draining ur rig batteries. The jackery should only be charging while your rig is running, or solar while your rig is off
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