Need help with a storage/drawer/sleeping system in my SUV!

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Video of the inside of my SUV: [unfortunately some of the resolution was lost during upload, it seems]

I removed the seats, laid down two layers of sound deadening material, and now I am ready to build my drawer/sleeping platform in the back, but I don't know where to start.

I'd like to first build a flat platform on the very bottom just as a base and then build on top of that, but the bottom is very bumpy, wavy, and uneven as you can see in the video.

Any suggestions or ideas? I want a few different configurations for example:

  • both rear seats will be out of the vehicle and I'll have a full-length sleeping platform
  • just one rear seat will be in but the drawer will still be in the back
  • both rear seats will be in with drawer still there
  • both rear seats in but the drawer will be removed so there is just a flat bottom all the way in the back

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Cut a sheet of plywood to match the inside of the back end with both rear seats in. Bolt it down to the existing anchor points.
Cut two more sheets the size of the space left by each of the rear seats. Bolt that to the seat anchor points.
Cut some shims the thickness of the depressions in the floor and attach them to the bottom of the plywood to keep it from sagging.
Paint plywood with a color you like.
Flat floor done.
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I put cots in mine. I removed the frame from the canvas and inserted a section of pipe. One side I have sitting on hooks I made to hold it up and on the inside I made a front bracket to hold that and a leg/foot and a spreader bar. These just fit into holes in the pipe.
I can roll up the inside pipe to the side pipe and secure it with a strap. This gives me room for "stuff" when traveling or just day to day use. I made 2 cots this way so if just stopping for the night we don't have to set up a tent. In the second photo you can see the left cot rolled up against the wall, it has white pipes as is the mount on the seat back bulkhead.

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