Local trails (first real test of the locker) | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

Local trails (first real test of the locker)

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Got bored this morning, so decided to finally try a real test on the new locker.
Just some local trails behind neighborhoods. Not a lot to see a few fishing ponds along the way.

Screenshot_2016-06-10-11-47-10-1.png 20160610_091222.jpg 20160610_091509.jpg 20160610_094557.jpg

Nothing crazy compared to what some of you guy/gals go through but i was really impressed by how much the locker transformed this 2wd. lots of mud and puddles i would have never went through before.

20160610_105438.jpg 20160610_103630.jpg 20160610_105432.jpg

Now I really can't wait to get out and take it for the first getaway. ... maybe 4th of july.