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I have 3 options. Which should I start with?

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I’m a Toyota guy, and an old Toyota guy, (I have a 1980 4x4 pickup, and a 1985 4Runner) but I’d say go with the Ford. A 3.slow with 200k is asking for trouble. I’ve had 3 2nd gen 4Runners, and all blew head gaskets. One at 150k, one at 210k, and one at 240k. They are good looking vehicles, but the 3.slow, ( my buddy is a Toyota master tech, and he describes the 3.0 as having the power of a 4 cylinder, and the fuel economy of a v8!) and the torsion bar suspension really hold them back. A third gen, or 4th gen would be a much better choice, especially a 4th gen, they are very under rated, and under appreciated.

land it’s not just a dig on the 3.0, anything with 200k is bound to give you problems. My 1985 4Runner with the “bulletproof “ 22RE died at 202k.


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I am not an expert Overlander, I did grow up camping in a 69' Ford Econoline poptop camper van for 15+ years. Camping, fishing, boat camping, rock hounding, exploring pioneer era ruins, tows, and rail lines. Left for military service which re-ignited my interest in bicycle touring and bikepacking. I mostly have owned hot hatches but most of my family drove trucks and I borrowed a 70's Ford F250 for work for years and used a relatives 89 Toyota SR5 4X4 regularly for a year. The Toyota is bullet proof as long as you do regular maintenance (if its the early V6 keep oil in it and regularly changed). Watch any social media platform or YouTube clip on overloading or car camping and you will see Toyota pickup trucks and 4Runners the aftermarket is huge, they dont break, they are extremely practical options especially the 4Runner with it's enclosed suv format. I would do all the regular routine maintenance, check the usual things that wear out with age like ball joints, CVs, shocks, bushings, belts and throw decent set of A/T tires on and go have fun. There aren't many places you wont be able to go and if you "Need" some additional equipment down the road get as you need to. The only aftermarket things I might suggest is skidplates, and eventually some sort of recovery options might be a good idea. I would suggest you strat with a simple tent or hammock since you mentioned that and see how that works for you. Keep the Ford as your work truck dont want to break or damage the work vehicle, and dont mess with the wife's Toyota until she decides your having to much fun with your 4Runner and wants more capability with mods.


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I have 3 separate rigs I could start to build up. I want to hear your advice.
I'll start by describing the type of Overlanding I'd like to do and a little about myself for reference.
I live in Middle Tennessee. My wife and I were full time Rvers for a few years but decided to settle in Tennessee and start building a homestead. I work offshore so I have long hitches at home. Usually a month at a time. Although I now have the responsibilities of a homestead, I cant seem to shake that travel bug and can't help but think about all the places I couldnt go with a 30ft trailer in tow. I'd like to do short local trips to get my systems dialed in until I can venture off onto some many day trips out west and up north. I aint rich so budget is always a concern. I'm pretty mechanically enclined but haven't been able to build my tool collection back up after having to sell everything while we traveled. Can't weld but will learn soon. I'm not afraid of ground tent or hammock camping. I'd like a drawer kit for a fridge and kitchen set up. I'd like to start off with easy trails and work my way into mildly technical stuff but mostly just get the hell off the concrete.

Now I'll fill you in on my available options. All of which are clean slates.

1. 2017 F250 XLT Premium Superduty 4x4 6.7l diesel. Diamondback bed cover. Factory rear lockers. 35in Ko2. No lift. No scratches...
This was my tow vehicle when we traveled. Hellacious amounts of room and payload but I'd need to keep it able to tow my equipment trailer and travel trailer if need be.

2. 1990 4runner 3.0l 4x4. 31in Ko2. Absolutely bone stock and in great shape. It's my putt around town car. Found this while we were traveling through Washington state and couldn't pass it up. I love this truck so much but would be willing to sell it to fund the other project. Mechanically it's pretty damn sound. It's gonna need a clutch and the A/C doesn't work but its a great vehicle. Well over 200k miles on what I assume is the original engine.

3. 2021 4runner TRD offroad premium. Still waiting till the 27th for delivery. This will be my wife's daily driver/work vehicle. I probably wont be able to do anything drastic to it for a couple more years so this would be a really slow build.

So my question is....which one should I start to build out? The haul everything Superduty? The 3.slow? Or God's gift to offroad premium?
Let me hear your advice...please.
Awesome question!!!! I have an 02 F250 and a 2021 4Runner premium and I’m doing the slow build on it. I put the KO2’s right away, a roof rack and accessories and I think I can do about 90% of what America has to offer. Especially out west. No boulders, no deep mud and no deep sand and I’m good. My vote is trick out the wife’s daily driver. Good amount of room for comfy camping, car goes anywhere you think it will and then some, gets great mileage even if you go with a 285 and no lift IF u don’t mind the rubbing. Having access to the accessories is a huge one for me. Everyone makes just about everything for it.

Best of luck! Looking fwd to hearing the outcome!


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I would need to ask, where do you want to go without the 30’ trailer? How much stuff do you want to carry?
I will not get a full size truck because of where I want to go.
What color is the F250? Dark colors will show scratches and right now you have none.
The older 4Runner is about a foot narrower than the F250 and it must be a couple feet shorter, so it will go places the that the F250 won’t. Most places will not be a problem, but some like the Pony Express trail in Nevada or doing some switch backs in the San Juan mountains would/could be a problem.
I just did the Pony Express and there where places the trail was about a foot narrower than the vehicles, my Tan Tacoma came out ok, my buddies black FJ cruiser has “explorer marks” all along the side and my other friends White 2012 F250 did ok, except where he caught the rear on a rock because of how long it was.
Someone said something about giving both a try on some weekend trips, think that might be a good idea. Maybe do part of the TAT and see how they feel to you.

Also a quick note, even if you build the older 4Runner, “D” or “E” rated tires. One of my friends had to turn back on our trip, because a rock ripped the MIDDLE of a tire tread, 3” slice, he has a 2017 JLUR with 4 ply BFG K02.