Hole in the Rock (HITR)

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Durango, CO
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Our Durango group ran HITR this March. Spent 3 nights out as well as one in route on Snow Flats Road which is part of the historic HITR into Bluff UT. This was one of the best Overland Trips I've made. It has plenty of difficult obstacles and stretches of road. Along with isolation that is hard to match anywhere I've ever been in the lower 48. Easter jeep Safari had a group out there doing a single day run. We saw a total of 9 vehicles. 5 of those were EJS.

Anyone looking to run this trail needs to understand you need to be completely self sufficient. Due to the remote nature of the trail a break down could be life threatening. Please don't travel it solo. Very few water opportunities if any to be had. Please pack out everything including human waste.

My only grip of this trail is the lack of "epic" campsites. There are a couple very nice places to camp but most are just wide spots in the trail allowing you to get out of the way.

enjoy the pics

P1100012.jpg P1100076.JPG P1100140.jpg P1100148.jpg P1100176.jpg P1100192.jpg P1100224.JPG P1100247.JPG P1100254.jpg P1100303.jpg