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Hi Guys,
I'm new to the site and a new member. I have a "stock" 2018 Jeep Renegade 4x4 and planning to Overland the United States this Spring. I need help on the proper Lift Kit and would like to replace the wheels. I've looked at Teraflex, ATP, and Rough Country lifts. I don't want to do anything radical to the suspension and I'm just building her to go "Off-Road." I'm not taking her "Rock Climbing." She's not a Rubicon. In wheels, I've looked at KMC's, Moto Metal, and Black Rhino but I can only go with a 5x110 bolt pattern, so I am very limited. In tires, I'd like to get somewhat of a wider "footprint" and an inch more in diameter from the stock - 215/65R17 to possibly a 235/60R18. Is there ANYBODY out there who can get me started. I've been all over the Internet and all across shops locally. Can someone help me with pricing this stuff out too? I know we're just Renegades but sometimes we feel like the 'stepchild' of JEEP when it comes to run with our big brother, Wranglers and Rubicon's. So glad to be here and hope to hook up with some of you this Spring.
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Welcome! I am also a new Renegade owner, kinda. I factory ordered in May and am still waiting. Like you, I plan to do a lot of Off Roading, but don’t expect to do any rock crawling.
I went ahead and bought BFG KO2’s, 225/65/17. This seems to be the best size for the renegade. If you are changing the Rim size, I would consider going to a 16” wheel over an 18”. More rubber! But you are right, very limited options for renegade wheels. I’m going to go with Method 701’s.
The diameter of the 225/65/17 is 28.5”, if you go bigger than that you may need to trim. The stock wheels have a +40 offset, so check the offset of the wheels you want. + 30 offset will push the wheels out 10mm (wider).
As for the lift, 1.5” or 2” are perfect, I have heard positive reviews on all the big ones. Check out “Renegade Ready” they have a good selection. Jeep Renegade forum also has good information.