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2018 Toyota RAV4 adventure.

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IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0178.jpg IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0174.JPG As some have heard that Toyota has now started to advertise the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure that will be released in September of 2017. Toyota reps explained that it comes with 235/55/18 wheels and a front and rear skid plate. The Adventure will be the first RAV4 with this body style to come with a 1" lift from the factory using a McPherson strut. If this is true the new ground clearance measurements will be 6.8" vs 6.1" that the RAV4 has now from the factory.(not much difference) It has also been said that the same 2.5 4liter engine will have a bigger engine cooler as well as the transmission because of the standard tow package that will come included. The RAV4 Adventure will also come with other fancy stuff like power heated seats,power heated windshield wipers,and a power heated steering wheel. Bigger trim fender flares as well as a 120V/100W power outlet in the cargo area. The car starting value will more than likely be around 30,000 according to Toyota. In my personal perspective Toyota wanted to give the cross over fans something like the TRD models. This car is FAR from it! Toyota should of focused on ground clearance and tire size for a start. The TRD versions starting ground cleaner is 9.3" with 31s. The only way you can get to that height is do simply what I did. Buy 1.5" spacers for the front and 1" spacers for the rear. Then put 30.5 inch tall tires on it. (It does scrub in one place in the fenders.) after you do that it won't scrape and collect sand under your car while beach cruising. If you get the rubber silicone spacers like I have they dampen the suspension for a smoother ride. Same thing goes for the tires. Smaller rim plus bigger tires. Better for off-road "Adventure" not 18s on 28.2" tall tires.things I believe they should of fixed is the front hanging low exhaust that plows into everything first. This is my thoughts on this. What's yours? (My car will be next to it for comparison)


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