wilderness medicine

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  1. HattZ

    Anyone is WA interested in a Wilderness First Aid Class? (June)

    I'm very interested, usually carry an IFAK in my every day driver along with some other medial gear. But think this is a good idea. Anyone else interested in joining? Thinking we might be able to get a group buy 3 get 1 free maybe... I might be able to talk my wife into it and have one other...
  2. Rogue Beardsman

    OB Approved Hypothermia: What is it, How to treat and prevent it.

    Hypothermia Today I would like to talk about Hypothermia. Hypothermia is the lowering of the body's core temperature to a level where normal brain and muscle functions are impaired. It typically happens when several things occur simultaneously: low temperatures (<40F/4.5C), wet conditions...