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  1. Down2Mob

    Overland Vlog to the Gila River in Arizona

    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this trip to small town Kearny, AZ and camping at the Gila River with a very diverse group of rigs. My 2008 Jeep JKU, Fife's 7.3 F250 turbo diesel, and Tyler's new 2017 Tacoma! This is the first of an Overland Vlog series I am doing, so please - let me know what...
  2. Down2Mob

    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad

    Hey guys! My roommate just got a new Tacoma and I figured I would start a build thread so you could follow along with the progress, and the vlogs! It is stock for now, and the only mods going on will be things I convince him to do, or stuff he breaks! So far, it is an amazing truck, but he...