truck camping

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  1. RJ Howell

    A bit of the MABDR yet more Byways out of Virginia and into West Virginia

    We left Virginia and entered West Virginia. The Temperature & humidity was on the rise and forecasted to stay that way (or climb) all week. We needed out of this and get to where suits us better. That took getting into PA! We will go back, but it will be later in the season! There's just so...
  2. RJ Howell

    Parts of the MABDR

    As we turned the corner and headed back north, homeward, we used the MABDR as the route guide. I knew there would be sections I would pass on, as we are traveling solo, yet so much of it was very doable. This is only the 1st portion I've posted and it starts about 4 minted in. I found the most...