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  1. Kory Joseph

    Thoughts on upgrading trans/rad/oil coolers on older model trucks(20+ years)?

    What is everyones thoughts on upgrading their rigs to full aluminum or insulated lines? My truck is 25 years old and as far as I know the radiator is OEM. I'm worried that the high rpms that come from wheeling will degrade my engine without proper cooling...Thoughts?
  2. infennonlabs

    91 YJ - Tran/Rear Diff - Rebuild - Thoughts/Help Needed

    91 YJ - Tran/Rear Diff - Rebuild - Thoughts/Help Needed Here's the scoop: Vehicle: 91 Jeep Wrangler YJ 2.5l 4cyl (I believe) stock differentials and transmission: Dana 30 or 35 (don't really know and not sure on gearing) AX-5 Transmission (I believe) 2.5" lift and 31" tires What happened: Was...
  3. HattZ

    NW - 06 Jeep Commander build - help needed

    first item of help needed, anyone have a good shop, ideally eastside of seattle, that is comfortable with suspension and body work? what else am i forgetting? does anyone have experience with the below companies products and should i pick anything else? am i really just dumping money into a...