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  1. J100Roaming

    Looking for anyone with Android Radio info

    My Land Cruiser 100 has one of those nice Nav's with the HVAC controls built in and accessed through both buttons and touch screen. Honestly I would love to put something with better functionality and options. I like the fact that Android would allow use of Maps and other stuff. Specifically I...
  2. Arturo Escobar

    FOR SALE CBI 3rd Gen Overland Tacoma Bed Rack

    Rack built for LONG BED 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma (2016 - present) Less than a year old, perfect condition. Located in Burbank, CA. Make me an offer. Thanks y'all!
  3. Traveling Together

    Toyota T100 in Australia?

    Hi. I am in the beginning stages of planning my next overland trip. It will be through Australia, Southern Asia, and down through Africa. I currently drive a Toyota T100 and am considering keeping it for this trip but am worried about parts availability. I know T100s didn't make it out of North...