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  1. OverlandEasternCT

    Towing with a CVT transmission

    So my initial overland plans of purchasing an FJ cruiser haven’t happened yet... i’m currently driving a 2015 outback 2.5 I limited. the FJ is still in the near future i hope, however i want to be able to still go do things and go places with my outback. with my outback being a very limited...
  2. Boort

    Towing capacity - What impact do common Overland Mods have?

    Hi all, After reading here and looking at various overland mods that are done on rigs. I have seen some mention about mods like Larger tires, bumpers, and lifts changing the Towing capacity of the rig. I see lots of vague warnings but no explanations. I'm trying to understand what these...
  3. Rexor91

    Jeep JKU Cold Air Intakes (makes/models/performace) worth it?

    Jeeples, I had a CAI on my 09 JKU with the 3.8L... it really made a world of difference in the throttle response alone, much less the maybe 1-2 mpg I might've gained. This question is solely in regards to the 3.6L with towing my trailer/camping gear/and RTT... as well as general throttle...