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  1. blackiestone

    SOLD iKamper Skycamp - SF Bay Area - $3,200.00 - excellent condition

    Never been used! iKamper Skycamp with Airflow Summer Tent for those hot camping moments, and Wind Deflector for streamlined air flow while driving down the road on your way to your next overland extravaganza. Hate to let this go but had to change our plans. Text or call John at 408-886-4211...
  2. Road

    SOLD Maine - OZTENT RV-5 Overland Tent w/ALL the Extras, Exc Condition, $1300; Free delivery within 150 miles

    ** SOLD! ** OZTent RV-5 Overland/Touring Tent w/ALL the Extras. Excellent Condition: $1300. Free delivery within 150 miles of Portland, Maine; further by arrangement. Time to sell my OZTent RV-5 setup. I've only used it camping three times, haven't taken it along on recent long adventures...
  3. BKD Dave


    Most Roof Top Tents are equipped with a 3" foam mattress. Some better than others I'm gathering. I'm 6'2 225 lbs and I find myself feeling the floor throughout the night, constantly rolling with hips & shoulders going numb. Thinking about replacing the "stock" mattress with a 3" or 4" (real...
  4. Overland Ewack

    Opinions on Tepui roof top tents?

    Anyone have any hands on experience with Tepui Roof Top Tents? Im thinking about jumping on one and was wondering how good the quality is. And is it worth it compared to some of the higher priced ones.
  5. John Long

    US East Sold

    Location: Fayetteville, NC Gordi Gear Explorer Plus RTT $1250 Product#: ERT01 (140cm width) Link to Gordi Gear Explorer Plus website with a full product description, detailed list of specification, and literal hundreds of customer photos: Gordigear - Explorer Plus This RTT is incredibly...
  6. MA_Trooper

    RTT Open off Side or Back?

    My RTT currently opens off the passenger side. It works fine that way. I want to gain a little space on the roof and to do that I will need to turn the tent 90 degrees and have it open off the back. I realize there are pros and cons either way. I will have to cut the track that is used to attach...
  7. Wanderlost

    Let’s be honest; Roof Top Tent- Yay or Nay?

    Have you switched from a RTT to a ground tent? Started out with a ground tent, went to a RTT, found out you didn’t like it and went back to the ground? Or, the other way around? Do you regret buying one? Are they mostly just a gimmicky thing? It’s okay, you can tell us the truth. Sometimes...
  8. J

    Toyota Tundra and Tepui RTT - Need advice on racks

    Hey there. Looking to possibly pick up a 2015 Tundra 4x4 from a close friend, and would want to put a RTT over the cab (it's the Crew Max). In looking around, it does not appear that any of the main rack companies (FrontRunner, BajaRack) make a rack for the Tundras. Does anyone have a setup...