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  1. Oranger

    Show off your mic mounts!

    Looking for inspiration to do better than throw both mics in the passenger seat. Show off how you mount your mics and tell us about what you like and dislike with your system. Pictures encouraged!
  2. S

    US East Decked Drawer/ToolBox System for Colorado Zr2 - 5'2" bed

    For Sale -$800 - Decked drawer system for a 2018 ZR2 with the short bed (will also fit the Z71 or standard Colorado with the 5 foot bed). I purchased them for $1,200 less than 6 months ago, and just haven’t been able to figure out a way to use them that is more useful than the space they take...
  3. Wanderlost

    Another Drawer Build, This One's Easy Though

    We just finished up another storage drawer system yesterday! This one isn't near as elaborate as our last, but is super easy and inexpensive to build. Can't wait to put "stuff" in it. If you're interested, we produced a detailed video of its construction.
  4. Lost Girls

    US Southwest Austin, Tx. Custom Storage System. $3300. will consider offers. Local or Texas pickup

    I know this system isn't for everyone but seeing if anyone is interested. I'm expanding the family and will need the back of my 4Runner for a different type of storage. I had this custom made about 2 years ago. It fits a 2018 4Runner. It may fit others? If seriously interested I can provide...
  5. Leclerc.27

    Storage Thoughts

    I actually held off on posting this, but it's been a very welcome, effective and inexpensive alternative for my beginning overlanding adventures and storage solutions. While with the other half at The Container Store, I came across some "Weathertight Totes". I took a look and they are sturdy...
  6. Wolfy

    Simply Drawerless Drawer System with Slide-Out table from 1 sheet of Plywood

    This is version 3 of an SUV Cargo Storage deck that I’m calling a Drawerless Drawer System, and I think I’m done for now. Here's the build video with full process. At the end I address the critical measurements. Keep reading below for more build details and measurements for a 3rd gen 4runner...
  7. WildBill

    DIY Drawer storage 2014 JK

    Hey ya folks! After being inspired by @Ryan Welch , I have started working on a storage box for the back of my JK, it will be a simple two drawer system but It’s all I need. So far I have sketched out a plan based on the size I’m shooting for and made rough estimates on measurements and what...
  8. BEAR

    Free storage drawers

    hey everyone. I have storage drawer that came out of an old battalion chiefs rig. The plus side it’s free and it’s pretty nice. The down side it’s heavy. I need it gone soon. It’s in Rodeo California. Bay Area. Call or text me on my cell (925)389-8504 30 1/4” w 49 3/4” Long w/ turn knob 23...
  9. David Munoz

    Zarges aluminum case

    I've always wanted an Alu-box but I couldn't get myself to pay the steep price for one. I decided to try my luck on craigslist and my local swap meet. After about a month of searching I managed to find myself a Zarges and I couldn't be happier! It was in rough shape when I bought it; it had...