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  1. NoCo4Rnr

    Molle Panels 4th Gen 4Runner

    Wanted to share an example to store your safety gear that keeps it within easy reach. A set of molle panels, which are available from several different vendors for the 4Runner, work well. This is on my 4th gen and allows me to carry fire extinguishers (with quick release mounts), first aid kit...
  2. Ameyryan

    Looking for a Roof Top Tent

    I'm currently baffled by how many options there are in roof top tents and blown away by the different configurations there are. Prior to researching I always assumed it was a ground tent modified to mount to a vehicle, more or less. This is most definitely not the case. So, on that note, I am...
  3. Hobie01

    DIY Fishing Rod Storage

    most of us camp near water pretty often and the more i go out the more I am motivated to fish and I wanted a way to store my fishing poles outside the car. I made this for some 20$ at the local ace hardware. Holds 3 rods. it's not the prettiest but it works super well. i have a soft case for my...
  4. Richard Derr

    Ham Radio Placement in 2017 T4R

    My ham radio is a Alnico DR-638T and the removable face plate is in the dash but I am having trouble finding a location for the main part of the radio, right now it is under the rear seat. Any ideas of other 5th gen 4 runners?