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  1. Dave Decker

    Have you ever come back to your vehicle in the middle-of-nowhere and it wouldn't start?

    This happened to me a couple of months back. I was on some wayback road out in the boonies in the Delaware Basin in southeastern New Mexico. I had left the vehicle (a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JKU) to do some karst survey in the area and when I came back (in the middle of a thunderstorm no less) the...
  2. 4xFar Adventures

    OB Approved Warn XD9000i Winch Solenoid Replacement

    One of the great things about Warn winches is their serviceability. When I first got my XD9000i it wouldn't go into freespool. The entire planetary gear assembly was removed, cleaned and got a fresh coating of grease and hasn't had an issue in over 7 years of ownership. Late last Fall there...