solar setup

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  1. Wadz

    Best Overland Off Grid Solar Portable Generator

    Guys, you may of heard of Inergy and their Kodiak Solar Generator and panels. Their generators are leaders in the industry for powerful, light weight but are expensive... They just went on sale today but only for a while or until their stock runs out because they just released their new K2...
  2. ShyTRex

    Solar Setup

    Hi Folks, Looking for advice and direction.. I've been watching a silly amount of youtube videos and reading a crap load of sites on building a solar generator. I think i've got the basic components down but I don't really have much knowledge on what I NEED persay.. What I know.. I'll have 4x...
  3. Caddis

    Solar Power 101 Advice For Trailer

    So, as I get closer to finishing my trailer, I need some help. I hope someone can show me some pictures of their solar setup. I would like to see a more detailed pictures. I could be over thinking this. Really, all I the power I'll need is to run LED rope lights.