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  1. ovrit

    US West Clearview Easy Slide Drop Down Fridge Slide

    Clearview Easy Slide, Fridge Lowering Slide Es-220PLUS, 34L X 20W Inches. Fits ARB 63-82, Dometic 80-110, Engel 60-100, Snomaster 65-110 and others check them out at Clearview Mirrors USA: Top Quality Towing Mirrors And Accessories Brand new unboxed [to check for damage] rig set up changed...
  2. dziner

    US East SOLD: SnoMaster TR42 fridge with Dometic Slide - $800

    Changing things up again. I'm selling my SnoMaster TR42 fridge along with the Dometic fridge slide that it fits on. Asking $800 for both. Fridge comes with AC and DC plug along with the remote/monitor that plugs into a DC outlet that displays the temperature and voltage of the battery. This...
  3. Traveling Together

    SnoMaster 66L Fridge/Freezer After a Year of Use

    We made a review video about our SnoMaster 66L fridge/freezer. I was getting some questions about it and figured a video was probably the best way for me to answer those questions since I am an awful writer. The short answer is YES we like it. I'm so glad my wife insisted on us upgrading from...
  4. Roverlanders

    2011 Land Rover Defender Icarus Rough Edition

    Hi all! I'm new here on the forums and would like to share our build and get your feedback. We are leaving in a couple of weeks for a 3 month overland trip around Europe. The object is to have a capable overland vehicle that sleeps 4 adults and still has 5 seats. A bit of a challenge, right? We...