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  1. Glenthirteen

    FOR SALE James Baroud Horizon RTT

    James Baroud Horizon Rooftop tent located in West Valley. Super High quality aluminized outer shell, no more dealing with a noisy rainfly that sticks out when you close and pack up the tent. Rated for 70mph winds, ( I'm talking to you Wyoming). Light weight 88lbs and slim when closed with a...
  2. galahad

    DIY James Baroud Evastion RTT

    Hi Does anyone have a tent James Baroud eg. Evasion model? I'm building my own DIY roof top tent and I have several parts from the tent of James Baroud, but I don't have lifts. I made them myself, but they do not work correctly. The tent is not stable. It seems to me that there must be...