rapid city

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  1. Hourless Life

    Rapid City, SD meetup happening tonight 8/24/2018

    On the off-chance that anyone sees this, there are a few full-time travelers getting together tonight from 5-7PM at Que Pasa? Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar in Rapid City on main street. This is a meetup of full-time travelers, not a specific Overlanding meetup, but we'll be there in case anyone...
  2. Hourless Life

    Any interest in a Rapid City area meetup before September 8?

    We travel fulltime but would love to connect with other OB members. We're in Rapid City until Sep 8th. If there are any others in the area, please let me know! Eric AKA Jeepsies OB14045
  3. Hourless Life

    Just got into Rapid City Area. Will be here 3 weeks. Any suggestions?

    Hey all, I travel fulltime and I just got into the Rapid City area. Technically I'm near Deadwood/Lead but I'm open for suggestions all over the area. Here's what I'm looking for. 1. I need a solid off-road shop to change out my balljoints on my Jeep and fix the front axle seal. 2. Any...