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  1. Overland Vagabond

    ARB Twin Compressor under Bonnet, plus distribution box

    Hi there, Sharing how I installed an ARB Twin Cylinders Compressor under the bonnet of my Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2016, this with a custom build stainless steel bracket. Note that this is for a LH drive model... First find where to put it - next to the coolant reservoir seems the best place...
  2. Overland Vagabond

    Overland Vagabond - Cool Global Expedition Vehicle

    Hi there, This is to introduce a slightly different build of an expedition vehicle - European size, Ford Ranger 2016 base platform and Geocar CondorPlus cell. I’ve quit my job and cut short my career to become a full-time Overlander, and I've opted to document on various channels our...