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  1. Tom Cole

    US Southwest Ft Worth Area Meetup - Parker, Palo Pinto, Hood, Johnson, Erath, Somerville, Tarrant, Dallas, and Jack Counties

    Northwest OHV Park - Bridgeport, Texas - Meet up with fellow members, rig walk-around's, and hit some trails. View Rally Point
  2. Hank Outdoors


    Let's answer some questions and get some more trips planned!!! East, West or Middle TN... Where are you from? How often do you get out on the trails? Where are you headed next? What type of event would you like to see hosted and where in TN?
  3. RAWags

    US West Frank Raines OHV, 4x4 Practice

    Come out to the OHV park to learn more about your vehicle and see how you and it does on some varied trails and terrain. If you have never driven your rig off-road, this is the meetup for you.View Rally Point
  4. NC-Trooper

    US Southeast NC/SC Brown Mountain OHV Overnight Trip - 04/06/2019

    GAMETIME! This is an overnight group trip to Brown Mountain OHV near Pisgah National Forest. The plan is to meet in the Charlotte area, convoy to Brown Mountain, offroad to the top and stop for a lunch break, finish the trail, descend into the Beech Mountain area to camp for the night. There...
  5. Overland 505

    [US, NM] New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance NMOHVA

    https://www.nmohva.org/ NMOHVA is a statewide nonprofit alliance of motorized off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and organizations. Our mission is promoting, protecting, and preserving responsible OHV recreation through education, safety training, and responsible land use ethics. We cooperate with...
  6. 4xFar Adventures

    Prairie City SVRA Improvement Group Meeting

    Saturday, April 7th, 2018 1pm https://www.facebook.com/Prairie-City-State-Vehicular-Recreation-Area-168242086519173/
  7. Crispy

    California to Oregon and back...

    It's official. I'm planning my loop through Oregon. I have May 25th-June5th off of work. It's still not enough time for all the things I'd like to do, but I am getting a nice list of places to visit. EDIT: I was originally going by myself, but I have a buddy who's never been that wants to tag...