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  1. grantwilson

    Amelia Island Beach Escape - 10/20/2017

    We will be headed out to Amelia Island for our month camping trip, and invite you all to come and hang out. We will be arriving in the evening on friday the 20th, camping overnight, then heading into Historic Fernadina Beach for some food and supporting of local economy, then back out to the...
  2. Pap SJ

    HELP: Carolina Coast Trip

    Being new to the forum (and also never planning an overland trip), I figured jumping right in would be a good way to get involved. Catching the adventure bug, I decided to brainstorm different places to overland in the southeast United States. Tossing plans from the Blue Ridge Parkway I came...
  3. Pippinized

    Cocoa beach pier sunrise trip 07/02/16

    28°22'04.1"N 80°36'10.1"W Took a short drive out to the west coast to get some meditation time after a long work week. A few small coolers filled, and a few fishing rods packed and it's about a 45 minute drive from Central FL. A few sunrise photos, a few ships running about heading in and out...