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  1. R

    New Member Novice

    My name is Ray. I was a Scoutmaster, so lots of camping experience - both car and some backpacking. Last 6 years have done some backpacking, mostly PCT and JMT, with some Utah and Oregon trips. I had a Jeep M38A1 in the 70's with a Chevy 283, but sold it after I got married. In 2004 bought a...
  2. M

    Ideas for a Novice in Upstate SC/Western NC

    Hello, I am new to the group and the Overlanding concept as a whole. I am looking to see if I like Overlanding and hope to do some easy trails/roads to start since I only have an '02 Tacoma Prerunner which is 2 wheel drive. Any suggestions on roads with accessible camping with views to get a...
  3. Lazlo

    Basics for FZJ80 maintenance

    Hello to everyone, I’m new and quite excited to have gotten a 1996 FZJ80 currently getting some body work, paint, and a mechanical “once over” at Proffitt Resurrection. I’m a surgeon, pretty good with my hands, and while I can take a spleen out blindfolded I’m not sure where to find an oil...
  4. Dustin

    Trails similar to Corral Hollow?

    So after getting a taste of the off road life on our first trail run, my wife and I are looking for more trails similar in difficulty and location to Corral Hollow. We live in the bay area so anything about 3'ish hours away or less and not more difficult than Corral Hollow. We're itching to get...