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  1. Fortis Overland

    US Rocky Mountain OB Colorado Springs Monthly Meetup & Trail Ride

    All, @JDGreens will be running the show this trail ride. The team will meet at the McDonald's in Woodland Park at 0900 and will plan on leaving towards Rampart Range and Schubarth Trail at 0930. For those of you wanting to camp, @JDGreens and several others will be camping overnight into Sunday...
  2. Fortis Overland

    US Rocky Mountain ***UPDATED*** OB Colorado Springs Monthly Meetup & Trail Ride

    OB Colorado Springs Monthly Meetup & Trail RideView Rally Point
  3. nickburt

    EU West Europe Reoccurring - UK - NW monthly meet - 1st Friday every month.

    Monthly get-together for chin wag and tyre kicking. View Rally Point Details
  4. BobG

    Stockton CA area

    Anyone in Stockton area want to meet up once a month or so? I would love to have something local, but not sure how many people live in my area. There is a meet up in Sacramento every Wednesday evening, but that's an hour drive for me and I get up a 3:30am for work.