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  1. WilC

    US West Tri-Valley Caravan to Mojave Guardian Event - Friday travel day

    Caravan from Bay Area to Mojave Friday morning View Rally Point
  2. Superslidestyle

    Mojave Desert Afton Cyn. River crossing DESTROYED!

    This was sent to me by fellow overlanders at SoCalXterra club (SCCX) and Apparently, somebody took it upon themselves to fill in the river crossing with truckloads or rock and gravel without approval of the BLM! What used to be a 3'ft deep water crossing is now 3" inches deep...
  3. afilado_o

    May, 2020: Mojave Road Trip

    I just returned from a 4-Day trip through the Mojave Road. Even though we hit some bumps along the way, I had a great time! I want to go back again soon, feel free to share any advice to make the next trip even better? Here's the photos of the journey:
  4. KRCnSD

    US West Explore Southern Mojave and Route 66 around Barstow

    Meet up each morning at 9:00 a.m. at Roy's Cafe (located at 413 E. Main St, Barstow, California) then proceed out for some overlanding (rather than "rock crawling") in the Southern Mojave and Route 66 around Barstow. Stops will likely include some old mines, petroglyph sites and other points of...
  5. Wolfy

    Mojave Preserve Adventure Part 1: The Mojave Road

    [Route and Resources at the bottom. Click images for more info.] Rocket walked through the deserted cars eyes wide. There was an panel van sitting on it’s frame in the dry wash spray painted like psychedelic a ice cream truck derelict post apocalypse. A stretch limo, in matching livery sat...
  6. FrankRoams

    Bradshaw Trail

    Thinking of Doing Red Canyon to Bradshaw Trail. I would start at I-10/Summit RD Exit and finish in Blythe taking the 78 up to the 10. Google calls it 83 miles of dirt, with about 4.5hrs to complete, if you don't stop, which we will. Any of you done this? Is this better as an overnight trip...