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  1. merrante52

    SOS - IDK What I'm doing (St. Louis, MO)

    St. Louis, MO - are there any events/gatherings/meetups??? How do I network with overland bound members close to me? Most of the events on here seem to be coastal (from what I've looked at thus far). This site is a bit confusing and difficult to navigate, but I loved the idea so much I decided...
  2. rkcreative

    Trip Ideas for a 3-4 day outing originating from Chicago

    Hi All, I'm pondering a 3-4 overland road trip for the labor day weekend, this would be my first overland / off-road trip so I am looking for something newbie friendly. My initial trip idea was to leave Friday after work heading to silver lakes dunes and crash there overnight. Wheel around...
  3. Wanderlost

    Overland Meet, Greet, & Offroad a Huge Success

    Our area of the Midwest is notorious for having a splintered overland/ offroad community. We know fellow enthusiasts are out there, but for whatever reason, we have a hard time getting together. Saturday was an exception. Despite the below freezing temperatures and a howling north wind, twelve...