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  1. PolarBear_2014

    2014 Toyota 4Runner Gear

    Hello everyone, just would like to hop on this thread and talk about the gear that I am running in my 4Runner. *I will continue to update this thread with new gear that goes into the 4Runner.* Medical Equipment/ First Aid: -Tourniquet -Bandages -Cold Compress -Alcohol Wipes -Bleed Stop (x2...
  2. CanAmerican Overlanding

    Medical Supplies in Canada

    I'm an ex paramedic looking to rebuild my jump kit after it was stolen out of my idea where to source the more advanced stuff. My last one had pretty much everything in it that an ambulance had short of prescriptions. Oxygen, defib, etc too. I can get a good deal on Pelican cases...
  3. El Solis

    Welcome to the First Aid Bootcamp Section-Please start here

    Hello and welcome to the Overland Bound First Aid Bootcamp section! Here you will find all things related to first aid. We will be bringing more content in the future and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see please feel free to ask. Either via the thread for topic...
  4. El Solis

    What do I carry in my First Aid Kits (FAKs)

    I'm often asked what I carry in my kits so I wrote it down and made it a PDF so anyone can print it out. I recommend printing copies of what is in your kits and keeping them easily accessible so you don't have to hunt through your kit to see if you have that one thing you need. As I have Jedi...
  5. HattZ

    Anyone is WA interested in a Wilderness First Aid Class? (June)

    I'm very interested, usually carry an IFAK in my every day driver along with some other medial gear. But think this is a good idea. Anyone else interested in joining? Thinking we might be able to get a group buy 3 get 1 free maybe... I might be able to talk my wife into it and have one other...
  6. John Yoder

    Looking For A New Job State Side

    Hello Overlander's, My name is John Yoder and I am looking for a new job state side for when I come home from Afghanistan. I have spent the last five years over there on a Personal Security Detail/ Combat Medic for the Diplomats that work at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. I will be...
  7. Brendan_McCormick

    Medical Emergencies.

    Hi everyone. Some recent conversation had me wondering... Has anyone encountered any medical issues, either emergency or not so critical, while out on trail? I'm a nurse in my day to day life. I have other training that would help me out. I like to think that I'm well prepared, but what happens...